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Viaggio in Emilia-Romagna

Italia 25/04 ─ 01/05

In the evening of the 25th of April, the pupils and teachers were in front of the school, excited about the experience they were going to live in a country which turned to be marvelous.
The trip took us almost 14 hours and, on the 26th we were already in Italy. We stopped for breakfast and the funny thing was that we realised we couldn’t speak Italian at all so we had to gesture in order to buy our coffees. By the way, in Italy we had the best coffee, EVER !
We got surprised by the Italian landscapes and also by the architecture of the cities we visited.

First, we went to San Marino. Geographically a part of Italy, "Repubblica di San Marino" is, constitutionally speaking, a Republic on its own. This is the place where you can find three bottles of good wine for 5€ and perfumes not expensive at all (it’s a shopping paradise !). Besides, the views were breathtaking. We went up on one of the nine towers that constitute the Republic and we could see the city at the base of the mountain. AWESOME !

Then, we took a walk in Bellaria, a seaside resort not very far from the hotel. In one of those days we found a market place with a lot of traders and a lot of bands singing in the street. The atmosphere was very friendly and people were very nice.
We also visited Ravenna where we had the chance to see the Mausoleum of Theodoric and The Basilica of Sant’Apollinare and their awesome mosaics. We saw Cervia too. We actually visited it in a bikeride. We saw different ways to produce salt and also visited the Salt Museum.

If you decide to go to Italy, you cannot miss Bologna. It is known as the oldest university town in the world. The architecture is very beautiful and, by watching all those arcades, we could really feel the historical weight of the city.
Last but not least, we discovered the town of Rimini. There, we had some activities with the group of pupils from ITT Marco Polo Rimini that we welcomed here at ACJ last February. They showed us around and, in the afternoon, we all went to a pizzeria, where we could taste the craziest types of pizza (pizza with French fries on it !!). We could have everything we could imagine.

Isn’t that great ?

In the evening, our great teachers organised a night out so, after getting ready to party, we went to a nightclub where we danced and had a drink (orange juice, of course !). It was a really good way to spend more time together and to get to know our teachers better. It has been a wonderful week and for that, we would like to thank the teachers for their support.

Congratulations to Mrs BASCHETTI for the organisation despite the stressful experience and to Mr VAN GINNEKEN for his enthousiasm, jokes and his contribution to this amazing trip. We also want to thank Ms FINNÉ and Ms BAUDOIN for their support and the hotel staff for their welcome, delicious food and patience.
We had the chance to visit a beautiful country with beautiful and kind people. Un viaggio davvero indimenticable !!!

BACIU Lucia-Ioana, 6SM1.
IORDAN Andra-Ionela, 6LME2.

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